Lynn Harrisberger


"When the right person finds the right piece, seeing the twinkle in their eyes and the smile on their face is a magical experience – I know that it was created especially for them – and my work is complete."

She was born where the horizon splits the plains from the sky, and was infused with the spirit of the west from birth.

Lynn Harrisberger, an award-winning artist who currently lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, continues to be inspired by the beauty and the mystery she finds in the ancient canyons and turquoise-laden hills of Nevada.

Romancing The Stones

Over 14 years ago, she met and became friends with the claim owner of several notable Nevada turquoise mines when she asked the right question in the right town at the right time when stopping for gas while celebrating her Mother’s 70th Birthday with a road trip through Nevada. Lynn calls it her "cosmic giggle," it was meant to be. Since that momentous event, Lynn returns to Nevada every year to reconnect with her friends and to mine and collect the turquoise she uses in her work with the claim owners.

A visual communicator, Lynn graduated from Texas Tech University with a BFA in Design Communications, and enjoyed a successful career as an Entrepreneur/Art director where she used color, shape and form to deliver specific messages. In 2003, she left the advertising and marketing design industry to pursue a more intimate career as a fine artist.

Now, as a self-taught lapidary and jewelry artist, she continues to draw from her past, but she has found a more personal and meaningful way to express her thoughts and feelings by creating statement pieces intended to stir your soul.

Lynn is the recipient of the 2015 NICHE award in silver and stones, and 2017 NICHE Award Finalist in fine jewelry along with numerous other awards. Her “Turquoise Trail Collection” is her most passionate endeavor honoring the legacy left to all by her friend Dean, and it's frequently featured in the pages of Cowboys & Indians Magazine.