Natural Blue Moon Turquoise – Cut, Cabbed and Polished

Blue Moon Turquoise Cut & Polished

This Blue Moon Turquoise is even more beautiful when it’s cut and polished!  In the picture above, you can see the beautiful black chert spider web veining, and the variety of colors this mine is producing. Below is a smaller picture of the rough turquoise I wrote about in a previous post  so you can see how rough turns into a beautiful collectible gem by seeing the “before” and “after” photo’s of this gorgeous stone. […] Read more »

Natural Blue Moon Turquoise

Blue Moon Turquoise

Blue Moon Turquoise is high grade and gem grade turquoise with and without the beautiful black chert spider-web matrix. Some nuggets also have the hard brown matrix of the native host rock mixed with the black chert. I’m absolutely positive that turquoise and jewelry collectors alike are going to fall head over heels in love with this beautiful natural* material... Read more »

Tonopah, NV. My Favorite Somewhere Between Reno & Vegas


This summer - we shared a much needed 2 days of fun between Mom's surgeries and recoveries, so I took her back up to Tonopah – a short 3 1/2 hour drive from Las Vegas. Our friends, the Otteson's showed us this spot over coffee - after Dean and I got back from the Turquoise mine (Mom excluded - she parked herself in the Otteson's coffee shop with Donna and played with her Kindle while I was on the mountain!) - and it had us rolling on the floor! Read more »

Designer Cut Stones Start With Lapidary Rough

Lapidary Rough Lynn Harrisberger

A recent EXTREME Makeover in the studio’s “Lapidary Division” resulted in all the lapidary rough organized by color in “see-through” containers. (Be gone you dusty old cardboard boxes!) Sometimes it’s hard to believe that all those gemstones start with this. It’s the eye for color and the patterns in the stone that inspires the beautiful custom cuts by Lapidary’s which differ so much from the calibrated stones you see sold in the mass market. Pictured […] Read more »