Chrysocolla Drusy

Chrysocolla Drusy

Chrysocolla Drusy is a prized gemstone known for it’s exquisite Robin’s egg blue color – unlike that of any other gemstone. It’s most often confused with Turquoise – I call it Turquoise’s second cousin – Chrysocolla is found wherever copper deposits occur and is often found with other minerals such as malachite, azurite and turquoise – which are also found in copper deposits. Read more »

Natural Blue Moon Turquoise – Cut, Cabbed and Polished

Blue Moon Turquoise Cut & Polished

This Blue Moon Turquoise is even more beautiful when it’s cut and polished!  In the picture above, you can see the beautiful black chert spider web veining, and the variety of colors this mine is producing. Below is a smaller picture of the rough turquoise I wrote about in a previous post  so you can see how rough turns into a beautiful collectible gem by seeing the “before” and “after” photo’s of this gorgeous stone. […] Read more »

Colored Stone Magazine’s 2004 Readers Choice Awards – Top 20


“After spending 23 years as creative director and graphic artist, I felt a need to create art that would be long lasting, memorable, and enjoyable on a personal level,” says Lynn Harrisberger. “My interests and hobbies have always been on the artistic side, and I have journeyed through various other creative paths through my life, such as fashion merchandising, fashion design, sewing, stained glass, enameled jewelry, paper jewelry, fused glass jewelry, Indian beadwork, wearing unusual […] Read more »