Turquoise Trail Collection

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The “Turquoise Trail Collection” features rare, Natural* Blue Moon Turquoise mined in Nevada. Years ago, on a Nevada road trip to celebrate my mother’s 70th birthday, I met and became friends with the claim owner when stopping for gas and inquiring about a source for Turquoise in a small Nevada town between Reno and Vegas.  I had traveled thousands of miles across the southwest in my earlier years of jewelry making (hence the name of he collection – The Turquoise Trail) in search of authentic, natural turquoise I dreamed about using in contemporary designs. I now return to the claim every year to mine, and gather the turquoise I use in this collection myself.

The pieces in this collection feature rare, natural Blue Moon Turquoise with semi precious stones and are hand fabricated with Sterling Silver, 18kt gold, and 18K gold bimetal textured with handmade paper utilizing traditionally cut natural* turquoise to preserve its carat weight and value.

Contact Lynn at 757-689-7698 to inquire about availability and price. Or shop The Turquoise Trail Collection online.

*Natural Turquoise is turquoise that has not been altered, colored or dyed, stabilized, enhanced or treated in anyway. High Grade and Gem grade stones are cut and polished just as they have been mined. Most of the turquoise you see on the market place today, is enhanced, stabilized or fake.

A Certificate of Authenticity signed by Lynn Harrisberger & the owner of the Blue Moon Turquoise Mine will be provided with the purchase of your piece to ensure that you know your turquoise and One-Of-A-Kind Piece will continue to escalate in value as turquoise mines in the American Southwest are nearly exhausted.

For more information about Blue Moon Turquoise visit this link.