Lynn is a self-taught jewelry artist, silversmith and lapidary. Both her passion and inspiration comes from rare and beautiful minerals, fossils and semi-precious stones – which are the heart and soul of her unique hand-fabricated creations. Her innate sense of color, design and complimentary metalwork is always evident within the “simple complexities” found in each of her pieces.

Although her work has often been described as bold, dramatic, architectural, sculptural, contemporary, southwestern, timeless and even playful; it’s often very meaningful. Lynn has lived in Oklahoma, Texas, England and has traveled extensively through Europe and the U.S. Her background as a Creative Director and Commercial Artist – along with her exposure to the vast number of cultures throughout her travels – often influences her “eclectic” creative direction. She now resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia with her husband, dogs, fish and frogs.

Lynn Harrisberger | Handcrafted Fine Art Jewelry is the “rockin’ division of Harrisberger Creative, LTD. A Virginia Corporation.