Natural Blue Moon Turquoise – Cut, Cabbed and Polished

Blue Moon Turquoise Cut & Polished

Natural Blue Moon Turquoise Cut, Cabbed & Polished

This Blue Moon Turquoise is even more beautiful when it’s cut and polished!  In the picture above, you can see the beautiful black chert spider web veining, and the variety of colors this mine is producing. Below is a smaller picture of the rough turquoise I wrote about in a previous post  so you can see how rough turns into a beautiful collectible gem by seeing the “before” and “after” photo’s of this gorgeous stone.

*Natural Turquoise is turquoise that has not been altered, colored or dyed, stabilized, enhanced or treated in anyway. High Grade and Gem grade stones are cut and polished just as they have been mined.

Blue Moon Turquoise

1lb of Natural Blue Moon Turquoise Rough Nuggets purchased directly from the miner. This turquoise is photographed dry, but it still demonstrates the beautiful light blues, soft greens and dark blues that the mine is capable of producing.

Blue Moon Turquoise Cut & Polished

2050 Carats Of Natural Blue Moon Turquoise