Drusy, Druse, Druzy, Druzie, Drusies – Meaning & Information

Samples of drusy from my collection

Drusy from my collection

Drusy, druse, druzy, drusies – are just a few of the ways you’ll see Drusy spelled online and off. But, no matter how it’s spelled, Drusy is the term used to describe the tiny quartz micro-crystals that form on or within the surface of stones.

Some of the natural minerals found in this form are agate, jasper, chrysocolla, malachite, hematite, garnet, black garnet, psilomelane, cobalto-calcite, uvarovite, and carnelian.

Titanium drusy is agate drusy that has been coated with titanium in a vacuum chamber. It bonds with the drusy crystals and produces a permanent metal coating in spectacular shades of bright purples, dark blue or an iridescent white.

Platinum, Copper and 24kt Gold Drusy is coated with  those exact metals: Platinum, Copper and 24kt Gold.

Care of vapor coated drusy: This terrific-looking coating is permanent, but the coating is thin. Clean by swirling through soapy water, rinse in distilled water, and blow-dry. Coating on drusy crystals can become scratched if not careful.