Tonopah, NV. My Favorite Somewhere Between Reno & Vegas

Celebrating her 70th birthday on a road trip to Virginia City and surrounding gold and silver towns back in 2006 – Mom and I discovered Tonopah, NV much like Rhett and Link did: through a windshield, it was our midpoint and Turquoise surprise just waiting for us to discover it on U.S. Highway 95.

This summer – we shared a much needed 2 days of fun between Mom’s surgeries and recoveries, so I took her back up to Tonopah – a short 3 1/2 hour drive from Las Vegas. Our friends, the Otteson’s showed us this spot over coffee  – after Dean and I got back from the Turquoise mine (Mom excluded – she parked herself in the Otteson’s coffee shop with Donna and played with her Kindle while I was on the mountain!) – and it had us rolling on the floor!

“There’s A Dot On The Map Between Reno And Vegas…” – Dean Otteson

In yesterday’s article, The Las Vegas Review-Journal thinks this “ad” will put Tonopah on the map. And yep, it will! Rhett and Link have a great sense of humor and they’ve really captured the spirit of the town, and it’s people. As a recovering Creative Director, it’s refreshing to see this level of creativity amidst all the droning, boring commercial clutter we see on TV these days.

“Mine Your Own Turquoise And We’ll Make You A Ring…” Donna Otteson

Tonopah is a quirky, colorful, historic and nostalgic town on the Nevada Silver Trail right in the middle of Nowhere, Nevada! This is one “dot on the map” that’s very dear to my heart! Beyond Tonopah’s”silver mining” past, they’ve got a lot of friendly warm and wonderful people in this town, and I’m not clowning around!

Stay tuned! I’ll have more on Tonopah’s Turquoise in another post!