Natural Blue Moon Turquoise

Blue Moon Turquoise

1lb of Blue Moon Turquoise Rough Nuggets purchased directly from the miner. This turquoise is photographed dry, but it still demonstrates the beautiful light blues, soft greens and dark blues that the mine is capable of producing.

Natural American Turquoise – True “Gems” From Nevada

After hearing Dean’s excitement as he talked about the beautiful colors he’s finding in the “Blue Moon” turquoise mine on our way to the Royston Mine this summer, I could hardly wait to see Dean’s material when we got back to the shop. What I saw was so unbelievably beautiful, I just had to have some (ahem – a lot) to use in my designs!

The beautiful range of colors coming out of the Blue Moon Turquoise mine are breath-taking. You’ll see everything from powdery blue to robin’s-egg blue, to sky and medium blues, to a soft sea-foam green and darker blue-greens.

Blue Moon Turquoise is high grade and gem grade turquoise with and without the beautiful black chert spider-web matrix. Some nuggets also have the hard brown matrix of the native host rock mixed with the black chert.

Otteson’s Blue Dream Mining Company, Located in Esmerelda County, Nevada, started working the old Blue Moon mine in the very recent past. Blue Moon Turquoise hasn’t been seen much for many, many years and it’s considered to be very rare and hard to come by.

I’m absolutely positive that turquoise and jewelry collectors alike are going to fall head over heels in love with this beautiful natural* material… Produced by nature and mined in America!

*Natural Turquoise is turquoise that has not been altered, colored or dyed, stabilized, enhanced or treated in anyway. High Grade and Gem grade stones are cut and polished just as they have been mined.

Next up… Pics of the stones after they’re cut and polished!

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