The Flat Lap Has Arrived!

Flat LapAfter thinking about this for years, doing the preliminary “brand” research, and two wonderful conversations with the ever-so-kind and helpful Quannah of Ameritool – I finally took the plunge!

This beauty arrived on my doorstep yesterday as I was leaving for a Gallery opening. Boy was I ever tempted to open that box and get going right then and there! (Oooooh the temptation!)

Using a flat lap will take some getting used to since I’m accustomed to cutting on vertical wheels. So, just for grins… I’ll document the good, the bad and the ugly as I learn the process of cutting gemstones with a flat lap.

Now it’s time to get it out-of-the-box and set up so I can rock and roll! Then I’ll figure out how to set up my “lap cam” so you can see the process in action.