Living By Design

By Natalie Hollingshead | 2009 Fall Issue of Celebrating Women

Celebrating Women Magazine - Lynn Harrisberger | Fall Issue 2009

Celebrating Women Magazine - Lynn Harrisberger | Fall Issue 2009

A Few Hours A Week Produces Full-Time Income For Lynn Harrisberger

Lynn Harrisberger has worn many hats in her life, all of them by design. Blessed with the ability to use “both sides of her brain,” Lynn has a knack for balancing several entrepreneurial careers at once, from advertising and marketing design to creating handcrafted fine art jewelry. And, she handles the marketing and business development for her husband’s two businesses.

Several years ago, Lynn’s husband left a chiropractic partnership to establish his own practice. The investment was substantial, and his income was greatly reduced for a number of years. Although Lynn was thankful for her earning power during that time, it came with a trade–off.

“While I was grateful to earn more money, it meant less flexibility to enjoy life,” say Lynn. Not long afterward, her mother’s heart attack became the defining moment that caused her to change her focus, purpose and priorities forever.

“Almost losing Mom made me realize how precious life is,” Lynn says. “When I was forced to make a gut-wrenching decision between a new business contract over being by my mom’s side, I vowed never to have to make those choices again.”

When she first heard about Waiora, Lynn’s plate was already full, but the opportunity to create financial freedom by investing a few hours per week was too much to resist.

With her mother a heart attack survivor and her father a soon-to-be cancer survivor, it wasn’t just about the money.

“With Waiora, I have the freedom to make rewarding choices – I was able to be by my father’s side when he needed my the most,” she says. “And, because of Waiora“>Waiora’s products, my parents’ health and quality of life is better now than ever before.”

Driving Lynn was a passion to make a significant contribution to the health and well-being of others. As Lynn says, “I would promote Waiora even if I wasn’t getting paid because of the value it brings to the people I know and love. When you discover your purpose in life, it’s easy to find the time to do what’s important – you just prioritize.”

Even though Lynn wears a lot of hats, she’s found Waiora“>Waiora to be a perfect fit.

“It’s about putting people first, giving value, making a positive impact on their lives and empowering them to create a lifetime of health and prosperity.” – Lynn Harrisberger

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  1. Susan Cromer says:

    Lynn, love your blog and getting to know more about you. Thanks for sharing and reminding us that living a full, purposeful life is what’s truly important! Wishing you all the best!