Frugal 3.0 WordPress Theme Is An Awesome Tool To Have In Your Blogging Arsenal

The cleanest, flexible and most customizable WordPress theme I’ve found.

After fighting the concept of blogging forever, I finally got smart during a recent social media mastermind course with the “infamous” Perry Belcher who opened my eyes to the ginormous importance of having a blog – especially a self hosted blog – in social media. (A topic of a future post )

So, after spending hours looking through and testing all the free WordPress themes and developer designs – I finally decided on Frugal.

I bought it, downloaded it, played around with it (and got self-educated on using WordPress after living in a Dreamweaver world) so I would have everything at my fingertips when I was ready to tackle the project. Then, right before I was ready to officially “launch my blog,” Frugal went and got better than ever! What’s more, Frugal is right in line with my “Keep it simple, keep it clean design philosophy.”

Here’s just some of the Rockin’ “Awesome’ benefits of having Frugal in your arsenal:

  • Fully customizable for the developer and complete novices with no coding required.
  • Users have to power to fully control their website and or blog.
  • Incredibly clean look and feel – fully customizable for your color scheme.
  • Static Home Page with fully customizable layout options
  • Full font options
  • Margin and padding options
  • Page navigation with sub-navigation
  • Categories and sub-category navigation
  • Users can create different page layouts using the new “CMS Template” with it’s own sidebar set. (Great for more traditional web design)
  • CMS Page hooks that allow you to include/exclude other site features in these pages
  • Full blown SEO action
  • Custom widgets and hook options
  • Plus, the ability to add footer links
  • And it’s fast! (Did I say it was fast?)

Go see what you’re in for now, and leave a comment below to let me know what you think! (BTW you’re lookin’ at Frugal 3.0 right now in its simplest, yet ever so desirable form)

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  1. Pat Webb says:

    Lynn, as usual, a great job. Thanks for the info because I am in the process to follow in your footsteps with my own blog soon, and this will help make my process go quicker, with better results.